Swingin Scottish Junk on a Pole in Ronson's.

Okay, I swear i will get an iphone and start taking pictures of this stuff. Group of Scottish guys, in their kilts at the Ronson's last night, having the time of their lives. Singing. Drinking. Dancing-on the pole. Funny thing is, when they did all those acrobatic tricks on the pole, they were "free-balling" it if you know what I mean. Funny how all the sudden the seats on the sofa under the go-go pole pedistal were all of the sudden such hot commodities. Priceless was the face on the bachelorette who got her first real look at Scottish junk I think.

Come sing with Tha Fonz tonight. There will be lotsa famous people in the Ronson's tonight, like RONSTER'S MOMSON who will be taking a drink with REBI and the gang before going of to a night of dancing at the BERGHAIN with Shambuh! Thats right, mammas goin' to the Haini. Can you believe it? Attached is a pic of mom. If you see her, say hello!

The password for free entry to tonight is, "I gotta Ladle". Sing the entire first and second stanza, get a free shot. Password does not apply to stag/bachelorette parties. Passwort nicht gultig für jungesellen/in gruppen bzw polterabende.