Shake that milk milkshakers!

It's that time again! Talented dj's, beautiful people, LASERLITE SHOW and.... SCHNAPS BEI -20 GRAD! I traded my big freezer at home for a darling little cube that fits behind the bar at Ronson's- it will now serve to cool our schnaps down to -20 to go down your gullet the old fashioned way- SMOOTH AND TASTY!

The MILKSHAKE party is tonight at the Ronson's. These ladies do a great job a booking dj's- there is always a surprise to your ears on the dancefloor ALL NIGHT LONG. The crowd is always a PARADE OF PRETTY PEOPLE! The party is for girls, ladeez, women, womyn, trans, and fans thereof. As for me, Ill be doing my favorite job-collecting the empty glasses and bottles wearing my headlight! Hooray, all night on my feet. Who needs a gym when you got a job like mine? Well, its actually a good thing we have yoga in the Ronson's- every bartender I know has back problems. An ounce of prevention!