Schattig bei 22 grad...

Okay, the last blog was a gross exageration with our new air conditioning in Ronson's. Yes, we do have air conditioning, but no, it is not 18 degrees in the Ronson's. It is however much cooler (not only in temperature but in image) than any other bar you can sit and watch fussball in. It is also cooler than any open air or beach bar you go to... and RONSON'S IS STILL A FUSSBALL FREE ZONE!

At Ronson's you have the possibility to trade your "Deutschland fahne gegen alkohol fahne". Are all your friends also lost in the opiate of the masses called WM? At Ronson's you can find new, fussball-free friends! Would you also like to help make the whole city a fussball freie zone? You can help! AND you will be rewarded with 1 free hour in a box. Check out my youtube video "fussball freie zone" for details.

Tonight in the Ronson's is our monthly ITALO DISCO PARTY called LOVER'S DANCER'S UNION featuring PAULO CHINATOWN. Didn't get enough dancing in on Friday? Come back on Saturday for DING DONG - spinning your favorite pop and classic hits. Disco! Here is the password for free entry for you and all your friends all weekend (password does NOT apply to bachellor/ette groups! nochma auf Deutsch... PASSWORT GILT NICHT FÜR JUNGESELLEN/IN gruppen!). the password is "ich bin 18 grad" or "I am 18 degrees".