Ronson's bei 18 grad? JA!

It's true! Thanks to our EXCELLENT Hausmeister! Peter (big thanks to you in case you read this), our Hausmeister, has hooked us up! That is correct, we are hooked up to the big air conditioner that cools the entire Warschauerstr. 34-38. No, that doesn't mean that there is cool air blowing in on you in your box, but it does mean that Ronson's will be cooler than any other place (especially those places showing fussball!).

I remember when I first opened the Ronson's back in 2004, we didn't even have ventilation. People would go sing in a box and the windows would immediatly become steamy and sweaty. People would still spend hours in them though. Though the "hot" boxes were great for drink sales! We did get ventilation in the boxes shortly after. You new kids don't know how good you have it!

It is a dancing weekend in the Ronson's. Friday we have PAULO CHINATOWN and his LOVER'S DANCER'S UNION full of disco and italo music. On Saturday we have the return of DING DONG to quench your thirst for POP AND THE CLASSICS. It's 3 euros to get in, however with this password you and your friends can come in FOR FREE! The password is, "ich bin 18 grad" or "I am 18 degrees".

As a reminder, my FUSSBALL OFFER FOR FREE KARAOKE still stands. Just go to you tube and find my video be searching "fussball freie zone." A lot of people have been helping me in my quest to make Berlin fussball frei! thank you!

And, another reminder, all boxes are half preis during all WM games! Don't give in to the opiate for the masses! Ignore soccer and come to your local 18 degree karaoke bar!

Ronson's-sometimes we open late, but we NEVER close early!