Klima geht wieder!!! Hoorah! 19.3 grad im ronsons gerade.

19.3 Grad! Okay, so we got air conditioning last week. It worked for exactly 1 day. Boy, this planned obsolescence is getting a bit out of control! Well, luckily, it was still under garantee.... so we are back! The coolest thing was this laserlite tool we used to measure the temperature. It was like a ray gun and whatever you aimed it at, the temperature was displayed on a tiny screen. We measured everything in the bar.... the drinks, the ventilation ducts, my forehead, etc.

Tonight is the FAGBAR and boxhopping. There are no shows at midnight during all of july for summer break, but in August we begin again with Angel Eyedealism. Be sure to check her out on myspace, she is a real talent!