Just another day of A/C!

We've got a total of 36 hours straight of our functioning air conditioning..... and the pop choir enjoyed it. So did the 2 for 1 drinkers! good job. Thanks for reading. Tonight all the boxes are half price from 7pm till 10pm. Come to the 20 degree Ronson's.

It is bachelorette season in Ronson's. We desperately need some non-bachelorettes here on the weekend, as you all know, "die mischung machts". Don't let the bachelorettes scare you away! You can do anything you want to them in the Ronson's. They love abuse! They call it Polter abend! Recently I was able to write "LECK MICH" in permanent marker on the back of one of their neck's. I actually think she was so inebriated that I was actually writing on her t-shirt. I bet she got a surprise reprimanding from her future husband when they woke up. Nothing like celebrating your stag night in Ronson's.

Pray to the god of karaoke that our klimaanlage makes it through the weekend.