It's back! KLIMA & POP CHOIR

Too late for the weekend, but just in time for 2 for 1 drinxxx tonight. The A/C works again! At least it did when I left the club an hour ago.... but as you already probably all noticed, that doesn't mean much when we talk about our a/c in the Ronson's. 20 degrees celsius. nice n cool.

The next session of POP CHOIR begins today at 19.30. Anyone can join! No experience necessary, no talent necessary! just a good time.

Punk Picnic in Kreuzdorf was a blast. Boy have times changed! I think the first time we did karaoke there was 9 years ago. We had about 200 guests. I wish I could find the pictures to show you. It poured rain, but nobody cared, we drank and sang and danced in the mud. This year it was more family than ever. Thank god for the brassy kids though for keeping the show going! We also had Detlev, the "sinatra of mauerpark" as a guest. Even Ronson's mom kept belting out the tunes.

Dickey Doo was a guest dj for the first time last night. Wasn't very full, but I heard the people who were there were dancing the tiles off the floor! We are having him back on 20.9. Looking forward!