Ever heard of Murphy's Law? It is happening to me (and in turn YOU) right now. All week long we had the air conditioning on in Ronson's. I will quote some of the things in our internal bar book-
"dead dead night. es ist ist so kalt hier, man bekommt unterleibgeschichte"
"Soooo much better with a/c! I feel like I am at K-Mart in Amerikkka!"
Well, at exactly 7pm on Friday, it stopped blowing cold air, and now we have normal air blowing on us. What is going on? Do they forget about me on the weekends in that big wierd office builing? Did it just break again? Would make sense with our Murphy's Law-the Hausmeister is on vacation for the next 3 weeks!!!!

Anyhow, so I am so embarassed. Weekend number two that I promised you cold hair, but i was full of hot air.

Memorize this short poem I wrote for the Bauwagonplatz tomorrow at 16H.
Mariannenplatz 1

I got a Ladle
You need a ladle
sieve is silver
strainers metal

Graters' yellow
pans a pot
mortar pestol
crock pots hot

The password for free entry into the 32 degree Ronsons is:
"Mir ist kalt"*

*password gilt nicht für jungesellen/in angelegenheiten

I just spoke with the Hausmeisters vertretung. Am Montag sind wir wirklich kuhl. KLIMAALNLAGEERSATZTEILE kommen für fagbar. So hot. So cool.

Euer Ronson
P.s. another thing in the book, Joey Hansom lost his sparkly tobacco "purse". If you find it, please return it.