Shake that milk milkshakers!

It's that time again! Talented dj's, beautiful people, LASERLITE SHOW and.... SCHNAPS BEI -20 GRAD! I traded my big freezer at home for a darling little cube that fits behind the bar at Ronson's- it will now serve to cool our schnaps down to -20 to go down your gullet the old fashioned way- SMOOTH AND TASTY!

The MILKSHAKE party is tonight at the Ronson's. These ladies do a great job a booking dj's- there is always a surprise to your ears on the dancefloor ALL NIGHT LONG. The crowd is always a PARADE OF PRETTY PEOPLE! The party is for girls, ladeez, women, womyn, trans, and fans thereof. As for me, Ill be doing my favorite job-collecting the empty glasses and bottles wearing my headlight! Hooray, all night on my feet. Who needs a gym when you got a job like mine? Well, its actually a good thing we have yoga in the Ronson's- every bartender I know has back problems. An ounce of prevention!

2NITE-monster session & a wild one in Ronson's!

Tonight is our monthly jam session in cooperation with NOISY ROOMS. Bring an instrument, bring your voice, bring whatever can make some noise! from 21 on. Entrance is cheap, beer specials at the jam session all night.

The weekend is a dancing weekend in the Ronson's. Friday we welcome back our dear regular from Leipzig JANE THE BRAIN who brings a whole shitload of vinyl just for your enjoyment! Password for free entry for you and all your friends on friday night is: "legs in pain with jane the brain!"

Saturday is the MILKSHAKE party for Women, Womyn, Trans, Ladies, Queers & friends. Check out the Caledar for the line up, its garanteed to be great! No password for cheaper entry on this night.

An update from the last couple of days: Last saturday with THA FONZ was karaoke meltdown in the main room for hours. I haven't seen such a nice group of people for a while! Everyone was holding hands and singing, and that after the scottish swinging junk on friday!

Monday with CINDY WONDERFUL was soooo cute! What an attractive crowd. I was beat and should have gone home much earlier, but it was just so difficult to leave all those friendly singing people behind me. I hope to have cindy back really soon!

Swingin Scottish Junk on a Pole in Ronson's.

Okay, I swear i will get an iphone and start taking pictures of this stuff. Group of Scottish guys, in their kilts at the Ronson's last night, having the time of their lives. Singing. Drinking. Dancing-on the pole. Funny thing is, when they did all those acrobatic tricks on the pole, they were "free-balling" it if you know what I mean. Funny how all the sudden the seats on the sofa under the go-go pole pedistal were all of the sudden such hot commodities. Priceless was the face on the bachelorette who got her first real look at Scottish junk I think.

Come sing with Tha Fonz tonight. There will be lotsa famous people in the Ronson's tonight, like RONSTER'S MOMSON who will be taking a drink with REBI and the gang before going of to a night of dancing at the BERGHAIN with Shambuh! Thats right, mammas goin' to the Haini. Can you believe it? Attached is a pic of mom. If you see her, say hello!

The password for free entry to tonight is, "I gotta Ladle". Sing the entire first and second stanza, get a free shot. Password does not apply to stag/bachelorette parties. Passwort nicht gultig für jungesellen/in gruppen bzw polterabende.


Big Singing Weekend in Ronsons.

Here is a photo from the PUNK PICNIC at the KREUZDORF BAUWAGONPLATZ from a couple of weeks ago.

The klima works again, right in time for the crappy weather! It's an all singing weekend in Ronson's. Karaoke on stage Friday, Saturday and Sunday. On Friday your host is kj BARK! He usually brings some of his vinyl with him for some complete karaoke meltdowns. He is our newest addition to our kj team, so come break him in! On Saturday we get the latin flavuh from Tha Fonz. On Sunday praise to Liquid Brunch with our guest kj DER KÄPT'N. He's got lotsa german songs and brings his own repertoire. As always for all you blog readers, here is the password for free entry for you and your friends all weekend: "I gotta ladle". This password does not apply to bachelor/ette or stag parties. Passwort gilt nicht für jungesellen/in gruppen.

klimatest #3....

Okay, we have been having very bad luck with our air conditioning. It functions all week long, then when the weekend rolls around, it breaks! It has done this 2 weeks in a row. This week the repairman was there, for 2 whole days. Lets hope it worked this time. Password for free entry tonight and tomorrow is, "I'm here to fix the a/c". Password not valid for bachelorette or stag parties.

I'll be at the door from 23 on, come by and have a drink with me.


MONSTERSESSION - 24. Juni 2010 by monstersession

Oh, its already a little late, but there were new recordings of the Monster Session. Try to be more up to date in future MONSTERSESSION - 24. Juni 2010 by monstersession

Just another day of A/C!

We've got a total of 36 hours straight of our functioning air conditioning..... and the pop choir enjoyed it. So did the 2 for 1 drinkers! good job. Thanks for reading. Tonight all the boxes are half price from 7pm till 10pm. Come to the 20 degree Ronson's.

It is bachelorette season in Ronson's. We desperately need some non-bachelorettes here on the weekend, as you all know, "die mischung machts". Don't let the bachelorettes scare you away! You can do anything you want to them in the Ronson's. They love abuse! They call it Polter abend! Recently I was able to write "LECK MICH" in permanent marker on the back of one of their neck's. I actually think she was so inebriated that I was actually writing on her t-shirt. I bet she got a surprise reprimanding from her future husband when they woke up. Nothing like celebrating your stag night in Ronson's.

Pray to the god of karaoke that our klimaanlage makes it through the weekend.


It's back! KLIMA & POP CHOIR

Too late for the weekend, but just in time for 2 for 1 drinxxx tonight. The A/C works again! At least it did when I left the club an hour ago.... but as you already probably all noticed, that doesn't mean much when we talk about our a/c in the Ronson's. 20 degrees celsius. nice n cool.

The next session of POP CHOIR begins today at 19.30. Anyone can join! No experience necessary, no talent necessary! just a good time.

Punk Picnic in Kreuzdorf was a blast. Boy have times changed! I think the first time we did karaoke there was 9 years ago. We had about 200 guests. I wish I could find the pictures to show you. It poured rain, but nobody cared, we drank and sang and danced in the mud. This year it was more family than ever. Thank god for the brassy kids though for keeping the show going! We also had Detlev, the "sinatra of mauerpark" as a guest. Even Ronson's mom kept belting out the tunes.

Dickey Doo was a guest dj for the first time last night. Wasn't very full, but I heard the people who were there were dancing the tiles off the floor! We are having him back on 20.9. Looking forward!

Ever heard of Murphy's Law? It is happening to me (and in turn YOU) right now. All week long we had the air conditioning on in Ronson's. I will quote some of the things in our internal bar book-
"dead dead night. es ist ist so kalt hier, man bekommt unterleibgeschichte"
"Soooo much better with a/c! I feel like I am at K-Mart in Amerikkka!"
Well, at exactly 7pm on Friday, it stopped blowing cold air, and now we have normal air blowing on us. What is going on? Do they forget about me on the weekends in that big wierd office builing? Did it just break again? Would make sense with our Murphy's Law-the Hausmeister is on vacation for the next 3 weeks!!!!

Anyhow, so I am so embarassed. Weekend number two that I promised you cold hair, but i was full of hot air.

Memorize this short poem I wrote for the Bauwagonplatz tomorrow at 16H.
Mariannenplatz 1

I got a Ladle
You need a ladle
sieve is silver
strainers metal

Graters' yellow
pans a pot
mortar pestol
crock pots hot

The password for free entry into the 32 degree Ronsons is:
"Mir ist kalt"*

*password gilt nicht für jungesellen/in angelegenheiten

I just spoke with the Hausmeisters vertretung. Am Montag sind wir wirklich kuhl. KLIMAALNLAGEERSATZTEILE kommen für fagbar. So hot. So cool.

Euer Ronson
P.s. another thing in the book, Joey Hansom lost his sparkly tobacco "purse". If you find it, please return it.

Klima geht wieder!!! Hoorah! 19.3 grad im ronsons gerade.

19.3 Grad! Okay, so we got air conditioning last week. It worked for exactly 1 day. Boy, this planned obsolescence is getting a bit out of control! Well, luckily, it was still under garantee.... so we are back! The coolest thing was this laserlite tool we used to measure the temperature. It was like a ray gun and whatever you aimed it at, the temperature was displayed on a tiny screen. We measured everything in the bar.... the drinks, the ventilation ducts, my forehead, etc.

Tonight is the FAGBAR and boxhopping. There are no shows at midnight during all of july for summer break, but in August we begin again with Angel Eyedealism. Be sure to check her out on myspace, she is a real talent!

Schattig bei 22 grad...

Okay, the last blog was a gross exageration with our new air conditioning in Ronson's. Yes, we do have air conditioning, but no, it is not 18 degrees in the Ronson's. It is however much cooler (not only in temperature but in image) than any other bar you can sit and watch fussball in. It is also cooler than any open air or beach bar you go to... and RONSON'S IS STILL A FUSSBALL FREE ZONE!

At Ronson's you have the possibility to trade your "Deutschland fahne gegen alkohol fahne". Are all your friends also lost in the opiate of the masses called WM? At Ronson's you can find new, fussball-free friends! Would you also like to help make the whole city a fussball freie zone? You can help! AND you will be rewarded with 1 free hour in a box. Check out my youtube video "fussball freie zone" for details.

Tonight in the Ronson's is our monthly ITALO DISCO PARTY called LOVER'S DANCER'S UNION featuring PAULO CHINATOWN. Didn't get enough dancing in on Friday? Come back on Saturday for DING DONG - spinning your favorite pop and classic hits. Disco! Here is the password for free entry for you and all your friends all weekend (password does NOT apply to bachellor/ette groups! nochma auf Deutsch... PASSWORT GILT NICHT FÜR JUNGESELLEN/IN gruppen!). the password is "ich bin 18 grad" or "I am 18 degrees".


Ronson's bei 18 grad? JA!

It's true! Thanks to our EXCELLENT Hausmeister! Peter (big thanks to you in case you read this), our Hausmeister, has hooked us up! That is correct, we are hooked up to the big air conditioner that cools the entire Warschauerstr. 34-38. No, that doesn't mean that there is cool air blowing in on you in your box, but it does mean that Ronson's will be cooler than any other place (especially those places showing fussball!).

I remember when I first opened the Ronson's back in 2004, we didn't even have ventilation. People would go sing in a box and the windows would immediatly become steamy and sweaty. People would still spend hours in them though. Though the "hot" boxes were great for drink sales! We did get ventilation in the boxes shortly after. You new kids don't know how good you have it!

It is a dancing weekend in the Ronson's. Friday we have PAULO CHINATOWN and his LOVER'S DANCER'S UNION full of disco and italo music. On Saturday we have the return of DING DONG to quench your thirst for POP AND THE CLASSICS. It's 3 euros to get in, however with this password you and your friends can come in FOR FREE! The password is, "ich bin 18 grad" or "I am 18 degrees".

As a reminder, my FUSSBALL OFFER FOR FREE KARAOKE still stands. Just go to you tube and find my video be searching "fussball freie zone." A lot of people have been helping me in my quest to make Berlin fussball frei! thank you!

And, another reminder, all boxes are half preis during all WM games! Don't give in to the opiate for the masses! Ignore soccer and come to your local 18 degree karaoke bar!

Ronson's-sometimes we open late, but we NEVER close early!