Tomorrow we will begin pre-selling tickets for TRASH HUMPERS, the new film from HARMONY KORINE. It will be shown on 17.6 and 18.6. He is well known for writing the screenplay KIDS and for his films JULIEN DONKEY-BOY and GUMMO. This is the first time this movie will be show in Germany, and for whatever strange reasons, will not be in any theaters in Germany, so it's a MONSTER RONSON exclusive! Tickets are 10 euros, we will start promply at 9pm. The price includes the afterparty with (on 17.6) STEFAN DREHER (from the band BLUE IN THE FACE) and (18.6) DOLBY ANOL. See it now, or wait to see it on video, if it even comes out on video in Europe!

This weekend is a big singing weekend in Ronson's. On Friday it is karaoke with MARILYN MONGOL and on Saturday MONSTER RONSON will be your kj. All weekend we have ROCKBAND II in the smoking lounge. Imagine the year is 2010 and you step onto the Star Trek holodeck and say you wanna be a rockstar. At this point in time, this is the game you would get! Nothing closer to that rockstar feeling than playing rockband.

By the way, I saw a guy walking down the street with a t-shirt that said, "karaoke war gestern". Does that mean he had a great time in the karaoke bar last night and now has a headache? Or does it mean he thinks karaoke is over? Well, here is the good news.... karaoke is not a fashion, it is here to stay! Just think about it.... karaoke was invented in (opinions differ on the exact year) 1982 and since then it has only grown in popularity. Everyone who tries it gets addicted. So, the password for free entry on friday and saturday is, "1982 forever!" This password is does not apply to bachellor or bachelorettes!!!!! also, nochmal auf deutsch, passwort nicht gultig für junggesellen/in parties!!!! Volle preis für euch. Wir wissen wer du bist :-).