BOYS AND MEN are what the pop choir needs!

The pop choir last tuesday was a success! I must say though, not easy! Old man Ronson had a difficult time standing on his feet for the entire lesson, but we certainly made progress, and WE SOUND GREAT! The pop choir meets every tuesday from 19.30 till 21. Concert date is on 29th of June at 21.30. But for all you single men, the pop Choir is a great place to meet women! There is an unproportional amount! And for all you gay guys.... yup, there are even a few of those at the pop choir!

So, its a singing weekend in Ronson's. As always a password for all you dedicated blog readers for free entry. Say ,"Im here to drink tequila!" at the door and enjoy free entry all night this Friday or Saturday.

More to come!