WE ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL 2nite -- NYE bash tommorrow!

Here in the Ronson's we are HARDCORE about party! Take a look at our program for the next few days:
Tonight! live: Rubber Hair
dj support: Peaknick & Emil Doesn't Drive
ab 22 Uhr - 5 euro.

TOMMORROW - the big NYE bash with MONSTER RONSON, THE SHREDDER and a late night surprise show from the one woman elektropop phenomenon NICKY CLICK! Santa was supposed to bring us new songbooks, but he must have got us mixed up with some other karaoke bar because we didn't. He did bring us some new sofas though, which we have put in the smoking room for a dirty little cinema! The places on the free guest list are full, but if you still want to come to an intimate sylvester party ON A SMALL BUDGET send me an email for the 3 euro list. No waiting in line at some club full of tourists for hours! No 20 euro entrance! Come to your karaoke family.  Free sekt at midnight. Start 2011 right with song and dance! From 22 on... and on... and on....
Saturday, 1.1.11 - Sing live on stage with MONK and RONSON! We are open everyday. Come and sing on this saturday night. As we like to say in Ronson's, "the hair of the dog that bit you". So, come down with your hangover for FREE ASPIRIN and some drinks. Garanteed to get rid of your hangover! The password for free entry on 1.1.11 is I AM HARDCORE. Password does not apply to bachelor/ette or stag nights. Passwort gilt nicht für jungesellen/in bzw polterabende. Wir wissen wer du bist!

Sunday, 2.1.11 is the first church session of the year hosted by the one and only REBI! This will be Rebi's last kj gig for a while as she is going to Argentina to eat real Argentinian beef for a few months. Come on by and give her a good farewell! entrance free.

Monday, 3.1.11. FAGBAR! boxhopping! karaoke inna cracksmoke lounge with MONK! dj set METZGEREI.

More to come,

yours truly

big singing weekend - you need satan more than he needs you.

The holiday season is here! But you wouldn't notice in Ronson's! As always we provide you with a stress free holiday void of all hints of Christmas. So, if you have no family, or you need to let off some steam after the family stress, come on down to the Ronsons on Christmas Eve. Karaoke with Ronson from 22 till late. White Russian specials all night long. Since I wont be putting any christmas pictures on the internet, here is a little ronsons commercial that I love! Entrance free.
On the 25th we are also open! from 7pm. From 22 on karaoke with Ronson, again. Because nobody else wants to work on christmas. In fact, since one of our cleaning people is sick, I will personally be cleaning the Ronsons during the day, and at night I come back, all for your enjoyment. All so you can rest assured that you can come to Ronson's every day of the year and reap the therapeutic rewards of singing.
On Sunday for Bruch Der Käpt'n is our special guest kj. Entritt frei.
Monday we have BEANER as a special guest dj and a live show at midnight from ANTONI MAIOVI. Sing with Ronson on the main stage until midnight. Sing inna cracksmoke lounge mit MONK.

Sylvester is coming, and sylvester in Ronson's is always a very intimate affair. This year we have not only karaoke on stage, but also a small live show from NICKY CLICK. THE SHREDDER will also be providing some dance music in the wee hours for your dancing pleasure. Ronson's is a very affordable choice for new years - in fact, if you are wanting to stop by just for a drink and sing a song on stage, you can do so ABSOLUTELY FREE by sending me an email with the names of you and all your friends to be on the guest list. Come by and start the new year with song!

yours truly

Rebellllounge!!!! ROCKBAND III & Monk - singing weekend!

Its a rockband weekend in Ronsons- rockband III that is! both friday & saturday. With Rockband III you can have up to 7 players at the same time! 3 mics, a full drum kit, a bass guitar, a e-guitar AND a keyboard! There is nothing that comes closer to that rockstar feeling like playing Rockband III. Here is a little video that we made that makes us feel like rockstars:

On the main stage we have one of our newest additions to our kj's... MONK! He not only sings well, he is up for getting you ready and rowdy for some singing therapy. For all of you who pay close attention to my blog, I will now give you the free entry password. This password doesn not apply to bachelor/ette or stag parties, or anyone wearing christmas things. Please celebrate christmas at church or at home, and leave the nightlife for the SINNERS! yes! Password gild nicht für jungesellen/in bzw polter abende sowie menschen die weihnachten deko tragen. password for friday is, "music, magic, MONK!"
On Saturday we welcome back after a very long pause THE REBELLLOUNGE! Rebi is back to repair cables. As you know, the average life span of a cable in Ronson's is about 2 hours, so we are glad to have her back on cable duty! The same restrictions apply for Saturdays password as Fridays password (no bachelor/ettes, no Xmas deko). The password is, "I'm here to repair cables for Rebi."
Church on Sunday will be hosted by Monk. Free entry!
Monday fagbar we have special guest dj from New York City CONNIE CASSEROLE. live show and music video premier from CAROLEEN. Neda will be in the cracksmoke lounge for your singing pleasure.

yours truly,

NUDE rockNroll, mad about MARILYN, Crackbaby JOneZ!

These hot guys make up the group THE SWIMMING POOLS- who we are lucky enough to have in the Ronson's on their way through Europe. This monday in the FAGBAR. They were extra careful after I booked them and asked if it was okay if they got naked during the show. I think every FAGBAR regular could answer that question in about a half of a heartbeat! We not only approve of nudity, we applaude and commend it! It reminds me of a guest we had last weekend, a woman who came to the bar and let the bartender know that some people were actually have SEX in the bathroom. Our barkeeper responded correctly with, "Oh, do you feel bothered?" Here is the truth ladies and gentlemen- As your host here in the Ronson's, I love it when people feel comfortable enough to get down and dirty here! Its a nightclub, thats what people do here! So, come see the naked rockNroll show on monday at midnight!
MARILYN MONGOL! We are MAD ABOUT MARILYN! This woman has got some staying power. She is your kj all weekend long! She has a passion for singing and karaoke that just won't quit. It's going to be a full house all weekend so I garantee meltdown friday & saturday! The show starts at 22 Uhr. The password for free entry for you and all your friends is, "I am mad about Marilyn!". This password does not apply to bachelor/ette or stag parties. Passwort gilt nicht für jungesellen/in bzw polter abende. Password also does not apply to anyone wearing santa hat, christmas garb, green or red plastic poop, and by no means, reindeer horns! Go celebrate Christmas at church, leave the nightlife for sex and sin!
CRACKBABY JONES will be doing his last karaoke show on Sunday before they haul him off to rehab. We will miss you crackbaby jones, but those crackheads always come back. They always do. Its so sad/happy. I am also going to need a dose of karaoke on sunday I think.
Yours Truly,

BERLINO DEVIANCE!!! +++free beer+++ dickey doo & more!

Friday, the 3rd of december, BERLINO DEVIANCE issue #2. live aus Shanghai THE HORSES! dj support PAULO CHINATOWN (resident) guests ROI POINGI & BENJI. The italo disco in Ronson's lives on! with the support of all our italo loving friends all over europe! Come on friday and pay only 5 euros entrance, or for free entry, join our facebook group BERLINO DEVIANCE for an automatic place on the guest list this friday.

Wednesday, 1.12, is Ronson's 6th birthday! Come enjoy free beer and singing all night as a way of thanking all of my friends, talent & guests over the last years. from 9pm. Get dressed up. Anyway you want, just make the night feel special.

Saturday we have a special guest dj DICKEY DOO. the password for free entry for you and all your friends is, "dickey whooooo???". Password does not apply to bachelor/ette or stag parties. Passwort gilt nicht für jungesellen/in bzw polter abende.

Tonight, Monday, we have MERLIONS at midight. dj support YAM. sing with ronson from 22 till midnight. Visit crackbaby jones in the CRACKSMOKE LOUNGE after the show.

next sunday we try out a new kj FRANCISCO.


CRACKBABY with KUUSIMÄKI & dont ask dont tell

These pictures are the flyer for the next CRACKBABY party on Saturday. live and ready to rock KUUSIMÄKI!!! the guy on the flyer is ALEXANDER your discodarling. A night of debauchery and fun.
Friday is a discoparty. Don't ask, Don't tell is the name. Featuring dj's from wilde REnate (you know this is going to be a late one!!!) 22 Rockets (4Augenvögel/wilde renate) & The Swift. hosted by Paramida, Katovl Menovsky & Melony.
Sunday is Liquid brunch with Marilyn. Come sing, praise brunch, and repent through song. Free entry.
Monday we got a new band MERLIONS with Crackbaby jones in the smoking lounge. dj support YAM.
This was just a short update, I got so much to tell you all, but Im in a bit of a rush to get to Zurich for KARAOKE FROM HELL tonight! Thursday me and DIESELKARAOKE do a james bond karaoke party in SCHAUSPIELHAUS ZURICH. If you are in Zurich, come by!


BARK! missy mag release, BLUE IN THE FACE! church.

The singing karaoke party! If this friday is anything like last saturday, there will be some serious karaoke meltdown. I was at the door all last saturday night, and I only heard great things about the karaoke that was going on on stage. Things like "awesome" and "thank you soooo much for the fun". I hope BARK! can pull this off too! The password for free entry for you and all your friends is -bark like a dog 3 times- yes you have to actually bark like a dog 3 times. woof. woof. woof. Big dog or little dog, doesn't matter, just has to be convincing. Password does not apply to bachelor/ette or stag parties. Password gilt nicht für jungesellen/in bzw polterabende.

Saturday, 20.11, is ladeez night. the MISSY MAGAZINE release party with special guests:
Christiane Rösinger (Lesung mit Liedern)
Performance Valerie Renay (Noblesse Oblige) :
'My Blood Is Thicker Than Yours'
monika enterprise video showcase - a monika vision screening
DJ – Guests :
Valerie Renay (Noblisse Oblige) ; Bianca Kruk & James T. Kink
Sheila Chipperfield & Van Rabbit

Sunday is holy. Praise brunch, liquid brunch. With your new kj JULIEN. Here is a bit about church:

Monday is the FAGBAR as always. At midnight special guests BLUE IN THE FACE. sing with Ronson beforehand to warm up the stage. dj support: PAULO CHINATOWN (H30H cancelled). Sing with CRACKBABY JONES in the smoking lounge late at night. doors: 22 Uhr.

Tuesdays are always 2 for 1 drinks till midnight. Order and pay for one, get 2! Its also pop choir from 19.30 till 21. Here is a bit about 2 for 1.

thats it for now!

euer Ronson

PLEASURE ISLAND!!! promis überalles+++RUMMELSNUFF&rumpelstil

Pleasure Island. Was it the best party of your life or was it a dream? Come by and find out! These kids have been working on this event for weeks and I can promise you they will stop at nothing to send you to pleasure Island. There will be games, a snack bar, some live performances, a virtual rockband where YOU are the star in the smoking room. We have rockband III! That means 7 people can play this new game at the same time. There is a guitar, a bass, a FULL DRUM SET, and (new) a keyboard, and up to three people can sing and harmonize.... Not to mention the virtual smoke machine and strobe effect. It all starts friday at 10pm. Leave your youngens at home because pleasure island is only for adults!

For those of you who don't know who this lady is, it is PEACHES, our very own worldwide electro icon superstar based in Berlin. She partied like it was 2069 for her birthday last wednesday in the Ronson's. It felt more like my birthday though because she has decided to join the ranks of RANDY TWIGG and EINSTURTZENDEN NEUBAUTEN and enrich our karaoke repatoire with her original playbacks! I love that finally so many talented artists are realizing the power and beauty of singing karaoke. So after I sit and practice with my bouncy ball button, you two can BE PEACHES in a karaoke box or on stage at Ronson's. This is a moment we have waited too long for and I cannot wait!

Other famous people sightings recently in Ronson's: R.E.M.'s MICHAEL STIPE has already been a guest at Ronson's twice this week! He was taking pictures left and right all over the club! Rumour has it the Ronson's looks better than a club a set designer could create. Is Mr. Stipe spying out a new location to shoot in? We should be so lucky! Over the summer THE PET SHOP BOYS made a brief stop in the Ronson's. They got there early and only took a quick drink at the bar.  Would have loved to see them get on stage or in a box and sing a song.... Maybe next time. We'll be watching out for you Chris and Neil! We love you!

Sido also has a song in our boxes. His stay at Ronson's was much more interesting. He was very smitten for one of our bartenders and gave her a 100 euro tip! Poor Sido didn't realize though (of course you never can from just the outside) that this particular female bartender only likes other women in that way. Ha! SIDO hitting on a dyke! I love the Ronson's. I swear its still the most upside down and inside out karaoke bar in the world.

Of course we have had other promis and b-promis in Ronson's, but I never recognize them because they are from TV and I dont have one of those. Other people tell me about it but I can never remember. Speaking of b-promis: We have a great line up for Monday night!
dj support: RUMPELSTIL
karaoke warm up: MONSTER RONSON
cracksmoke lounge late late late: CRACKBABY JONES
all this fun for 3 lousy oi!s.
entrance 22 Uhr
showtime: around midnight, berlin time.

Sunday we try out a new kj: JULIEN! I guess he still needs to pick out a kj name. Be my friend on facebook and you can see a sneak peak of our new 2 for 1 advert in Ronson's. I'm so proud!

Saturday crackbaby jones will be kj'ing in the main room. Password for free entry on Saturday, nov. 13 is: "CBJ and I are GAY".  Rockband III in the smoking room to boot! Password does not apply to bachelor/ette or stag parties. PASSWORT GILT NICHT für jungesellen/in bzw polterabende.

thanks for your attention. See you with a mic in your hand and a smile on your face!


long history of ITALO DISCO!

Here at the Ronson's we love Italo Disco, and we actually have quite a long history of playing this genre of music. The first parties we had were PEOPLE LIKE US. After that party Paulo Chinatown and came in and saved the day with his LOVE DANCERS UNION concept. Now People Like Us and Love Dancer's Union is teaming up with ITALO DEVIANCE to make the BEST ITALO PARTY IN BERLIN! Friday is the next party and will feature a very special guest all the way from Italy MARCELLO GIORDANI. Our other dj's will be EMIL DOESN'T DRIVE and resident PAULO CHINATOWN. If you love italo and want to be on the guest list for this first party, send me an email! Also, be sure check out next months edition where we have invited a special live act for the occasion THE HORSES! Next month's special guest dj will be BENJI!!!!

Saturday we have our resident THE SHREDDER. He will make you dance your ass off. I haven't seen a crowd yet that he can't get moving with his inexaustable knowledge of music.

Sunday is LIQUID BRUNCH with BARK! karaoke. Come to the real church of karaoke. Praise brunch. Liquid brunch! Free entry, as always. This is a house of worship!

Monday we have HOLZKOPF in the main room after a brief karaoke session with Ronson. Dickey Doo will be providing you with tunes after the show and as always you can sing till your hearts content in our cracksmoke lounge with CRACKBABY JONES. The entertainment never stops on monday.

Tuesday from 19.30 till 21.00 you can join the BERLIN POP CHOIR with LYNDSEY COCKWELL. The pop choir keeps getting more and more members! I can't wait for the performance on the 21st of december!

Stay tuned for more.


PORN! Mz. Mongol, Kürbisschneiden, Elektrobär!

first things first.... PORN! On Saturday are once again lucky to have the ALTERNATIVE PORN FILM FESTIVAL AFTERPARTY at Ronson's. There will be a bit of singing involved, but that is not the emphasis of the evening, so if you are not interested in PORN, probably best to come another day. Last years party was one that will go down in the history books with the AIR SEX contest, and I am sure with this years NAKED SMOKING LOUNGE and TOPLESS ARM WRESTLING will be no different. dj's BOBBY JULES &  HENRI STEEG Start time: 10pm. 5 euros per person.

Friday we welcome back to the karaoke stage MARILYN MONGOL, your favorite kjane of all times! The fun starts at 10pm with Marilyn, so get your singing lungs on and come on down! Password for you and all your friends this friday, 29.10, is "I'M MAD ABOUT MONGOL!" This password does not apply to Bachelor/ette or stag parties/groups. Passwort gilt nicht für jungesellen/in bzw polter abende. This is Marilyn. She is a blondbombshell under that cottoncandy pink hair.....

On Sunday we welcome back DER KÄPT'N for some halloween karaoke fun. Keeping with tradition, I will be carving pumpkins with you all around 9pm, so if you wanna carve a pumpkin, be sure to get their early. You are encouraged to dress up! I wish I could find some pics from our last years pumpkins, they were all georgous!

On monday we welcome ELEKTROBÄR coming all the way from Cottbus for your electro fun! dj support CASIO ONO, and as always we will warm up the stage with karaoke beforehand. After the show I will probably get sucked in and stuck in the smoking lounge, once again, with my favorite new addition to mondays CRACKBABY JONES karaoke in the smoking lounge.

About the ALL NEW MONDAYS... I know that some people are upset because not all boxes are availaible for boxhopping anymore. I did this for a very good reason, and I hope you can all understand. There were a lot of people coming to this party to "overtake" or "squat" a box. They were not interested in boxhopping at all! They would have actually preferred to have a private box, but came on "cheap" night. They weren't interested in boxhopping or sharing or the party at all..... So, for these people, all private boxes are HALF PRICE ALL NIGHT LONG. Boxhopping started years ago, and back then we only had 3 boxes..... Now we have 3 boxes for boxhopping, karaoke on stage, karaoke with crackbaby jones in the smoking room (which is soooo much fun), and usually a dj for your entertainment..... So, I sincerely apologize to those of you who feel that boxhopping isn't fun anymore without the boxes in front.... For you guys I can only highly recommend the smoking lounge as well as the main stage on Mondays. If you do the math, you will see that with the new system, you actually get to sing MORE and there is MORE square footage of singing area and MORE entertainment than ever!

The pop choir is exploding with new members! I can't wait for the next performance.

Yours Truly,

TAMA SUMO@MILKSHAKE (uvm), pop choir, 2 for 1

It only happens a few times a year, the MILKSHAKE party! This saturday come enjoy the quality music at Ronsons. Featuring djs Dana Ruh, Tama Sumo, & Hedda. Its always packed with sexy people all night long.
The new term for the BERLIN POP CHOIR begins today at 19.30. Anyone can join!
Thanks again to SUNDAY LUV & ELECTROSEXUAL for the excellent show last night.
I would like to write more, but I am getting my new karaoke machine ready to go to Zurick for a full on night of Tarrentino Karaoke at the SCHAUSPIELHAUS in Zurich! Cool, right? Its a monthly gig, so though I always said I wouldn't do it anymore, sometimes being a jet set KJ can be a lot of fun! If you are in Zurich thursday, email me for the list! DRESS CODE! Tarrentino films.


CRACKBABY saturday, Shredder Friday....

Monday night,  as so often lately, got stuck in the CRACKSMOKE lounge with CRACKBABY JONES  until the wee hours of the morning. It is always so fun! It wasn't the same without you Näd, but I sang Mr. vain again and got the kick! hooray. I was looking for the kick all weekend, in the ronsons, at mauerpark, but never really got it. Last night I got it twice! Kablam!

Friday we have THE SHREDDER, one of the few dj's that gets people dancing EVERY SINGLE TIME! Password for free entry for you and all your friends to get in for free on Friday is, "put me through the shredder". Password does not apply to bachelor/ette or stag parties. Passwort gilt nicht für jungesellen/in oder polter abende.

Saturday the big day is finally here. CRACKBABY with PLATZ BLANCHE (live) and the debut of PRIX (live). This party is recommended and will be attended by retarted gay prostitutes and the genders that love them. DRESS CODE: post-gender geometrics, ghetto fabulous, bra stains, little shop of whores, early '90s coke dealer, donkey gear, taste of future. Get ready to exercise..... every muscle.

yours truly,

LEMERCIER & the la la byes 2NITE! forgetful faceman...

tonight  in the Ronsons.... LEMERCIER & THE LA LA BYES. Its not a typical band for Ronson's, but I promise quality! dj support after direct from Tel Aviv DyCe. Boxhopping in 3 boxes, karaoke with RONSON from 22 till midnight AND karaoke after the show in the cracksmoke lounge with CRACKBABY JONES.

The weekend was a lot of fun, especially saturday. Not even 1 bachelorette, and that on the day before 10.10.10! There were really nice karaoke lovers all night, but dont get me wrong, judging from the singing quality, they were not regulars! but, just as I always say, the not so good singers are just as important as the good singers at karaoke. I mean how fun is a karaoke party when everyone sings perfect? might as well stay home and watch some stupid reality show.

I had to cabinate for the evening, and I must say, I am so out of practice! I started off good, but when we had a bit of a waiting list later in the night, I would go find the next box guests and I couldn't remember any faces! Our superstar barkeeper Fenia came at midnight and saw my troubles and took over for me. What a talent she is.... she was able to find these people even though she had never seen them! Incredible. Kudos to you Fenia, and thanks for saving my ass! To my defense though, shaking cocktails is still a discipline I haven't forgotten at all! lotsa compliments on my delicious drinks. I guess itll be like this for a while, a lot of staff is on vacation or sick or working on porn movies for the porn film festival. After party at Ronson's on the 30th of October.

yours truly,

SINGING WEEKEND where are the bachelorettes?

Here she is in all her glory. MARILYN MONGOL is high on karaoke! Its a big singing weekend in Ronson's! Friday featuring our most colorful KJ Marilyn Mongol. Go easy on her, and she'll go easy on you :-).

An update from the past few days.... first of all, the concert from NÄD MIKA was amazing! 3 encores! The guests just couldn't get enough! Last Tuesday was the presentation from the BERLIN POP CHOIR and it was so cute! They all practiced so much, and it showed. The only strange thing was the 80 (yes, 80 of them) 14 and 15 year olds that showed up with their teachers. My question.. WHO BRINGS A TEENAGER INTO A BAR???? Needless to say, I had to ask them to leave. Being from America, I just cannot imagine the trouble a teacher would get into by bringing their students into a bar. Naja... different world! Just for the record, Ronson's is for guests from 21 years and up. If you are really nice and love to sing and know how to behave in a bar, then you can come if you are between 18 and 21. Our experienced doorstaff will be the judge of that!

On Saturday we welcome back THE FONZ to the stage. Karaoke all night long! Its free to get in before 10pm on Friday or Saturday, and with this password it is also free for you and all your friends to get in. "I'm High on Karaoke!". This password does not apply to bachelor/ette or stag nights. Passwort gilt nicht für jungesellen/in bzw Polter abende. bitte habe verständniss!

Though I expected the Ronson's to be overrun with bachelorettes the last weeks, they were just not here? whats going on? the big special wedding day (10.10.10) is right around the corner. Maybe the bachelorettes were scared away by all the Trannies and Sparkly people.

On Monday we have a special with LEMERCIER AND THE LA LA BYS. its sure to be a full house, so come early!


'schuldigung! blognation, weekendpassword & MORE!

The flyer above is for the party on Friday-ITALO DISCO!
I always thought my blog would be a place where I could let everyone know about the real nitty gritty of running a karaoke bar and all the funny and not so funny things that happen. I can tell you, its a lot of f*cking work! I am pretty good about writing something every couple days, but it usually just covers the events that go on here. Today I'll let you in on more though!

We had a newsletter that our ex-website guy made. Anyhow, when I went to sent out a newsletter to invite all you sparkly people to the event, he then let me know it was deleted, and no longer exhisted. Thanks for the heads up a-hole! Matze, our new computer guy has been setting up a new one. I hate doing this kind of stuff, nor am I qualified, so he does it. He must not do a pretty bad job, after all, he did do all the programming in all the karaoke boxes.

He made us a new mailing list and we tried it out yesterday. Apparently a lot (or even all) of you received it 4! times. I am sorry about that! We are working on it. It was brought to my attention through a reservation callback request. The mail looked exactly like this (watch out... its a bit x rated!)

"Reservierungsanfrage von
Fuck your newsletter (fuck@ronson.com)Telefon: 666
Datum: 24.09.2010
Startzeit: 12
Endzeit: 13
Go fuck your self with your fucking constant repeating  newsletter
Fuck you"

So, though I dont praise him for his takt, he did get this important information relayed to me. Would have loved to send him something nice for letting me know about the problem, maybe some free hours in a box, or some cocktail coupons, but as you can see, his email address doesn't work for obvious reasons. I do worry this person (geez... the whole time I assumed it was a man, but I guess I don't really know, do I?)  does have an anger management issue, so I think it is probably best if he stays away from the happy singing people in the karaoke bar.

My sincere apology though if you are reading this! I hope your "delete" finger has recovered in the mean time and you can continue with your normal life! It must have been hell for you.

The good thing is, there are other people blogging about Ronson's! I am adding 3 links to people that blogged about the tranny olympics. What a night! All three links are different people! Thanks for the nice stories! Couldn't have written a more detailed and accurate account of the night myself!

The password to get in for free all weekend is hidden in the blog I wrote last, but for all you lazy buggers, Illl write it again here, "I dedicate my life to disco". Password does not apply to bachelor/ette or stag groups. thanks for understanding.


Paulo Chinatown (bday!) ITALO-DISCO mit Roi Poingi & Mehr!

Paulo Chinatown has been our resident italo disco specialist every first friday of the month for a few months. He always invites excellent guest djs, and this is no exception for his BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION! Its open to everyone who loves disco. This months special guest ROI POINGI! Next month we team up with ITALO DEVIANCE! special guest dj for november MARCELLO GIORDANI coming extra from Italy for your psychadelic listening experience! This friday beginning at 10pm.

Saturday we continue with our big disco weekend with BARRY MANILA. He plays disco and soul music from the last 50 years, all on VINYL! we at ronsons LOVE vinyl and its always welcome! the warm pulsing sound of plastic is ALWAYS best!

Do you love disco? do you want to get in for free this weekend? then use the password, "I dedicate my life to disco" for free entry for you and all your friends. This password does not apply to bachelor/ette or stag parties. Passwort gilt nicht für jungesellen/in bzw polter abende. It's 3 euros to get in for you.

The show from MAMA on monday was amazing. Sorry to the losers that didn't make it! Did anyone catch the pop choir presentation on tuesday? AMAZING! I can't wait for the next one on December 21st!

yours truly

MAMA live, DICKEY DOO dj set, sing with Ronson, karaoke inna CRACKSMOKE lounge

Mondays just get more and more fun. Its a regular entertainment paradise! We begin around 10pm with a bit of karaoke on the main stage to get the room (and stage and go go pole) warmed up for our live show, tonight its MAMA! showtime:midnight. Afterwards dj DICKEY DOO will get your ass going to funky beats all night long! In the cracksmoke lounge we have travis doing some very intimate karaoke.

Update about the weekend: I was expecting bachelorette HELL as the date for all those wedding keeps getting closer and closer (10.10.10), but it was suprisingly empty all weekend for the big singing weekend in Ronson's. I though all you karaoke-ers would be out in droves after not having any karaoke on stage for 3 weeks! As you can all imagine, all the singing freaks that did show up were happily satiated as they were able to sing so much on stage, and there was no waiting for any boxes all weekend! So, I guess thats a sign kids... time to come sing!

Tomorrow, tuesday, is the BERLIN POP CHOIR performance at 21.00.

The weekend in ronsons? its a BIG DISCO WEEKEND beginning with our Italo-party on Friday, and saturday featuring disco afficianado BARRY MANILA. Stay tuned for password!

yours truly,


Big Singing Weekend in Ronsons.

It's finally here for all you karaoke lovers. The big singing weekend in Ronson's. We had a lot of other parties month, but its back, karaoke on our main stage! In addition to that, there will be ROCKBAND II in the smoking lounge with myspace.com/rockbandberlin. On Friday we have the one and only FONZ... the kj with tha latin flayvuh! On Saturday we welcome back DING DONG for a night of debauchery.

Password to get in for free (friday & saturday) for you and all your friends is (better practice this one before you show up!!) "fonz - a - long - ding - dong". That is a word i made up out of both of the KJ's names this weekend. Aren't I clever? This password is not valid for bachelor/ette parties or stag nights. You kids have to pay full price! Passwort gilt nicht für jungesellen/in parties bzw polterabend!

see you on stage!


(the real) Trannie Olympixxx

For the first time ever in Germany THE REAL TRANNIE OLYMPICS. Take your best shot in such disciplines as the 100 Meter dash...IN HEELS or the Wet t-shirt contest (see picture), take part in the eating contest (do they purge afterwords?), can you put on your make up in the dark? Are you an expert at lipsyncing?

Come in drag an get in for free. Dj's all night long. FABULOUS PRIZES! Its going to be a night of debauchery. I mean can you imagine what happens when you cross a room full of drunk bachelors drinking for their stag night and a bunch of horny trannies? Ill let you do the math ;-).

Tomorrow is liquid brunch with Bark! Sing. Drink. Praise brunch.

Monday: THE MOUSTACHE live
dj support JOEY HANSOM
karaoke warm up 22 till 00 with Ronson
from 00.30 sing with Travis in the CRACKSMOKE lounge


SPARKLE ARMY DOCUMENTATION! yes, it did happen, wasn't a dream!

JOIN THE SPARKLE ARMY was a huge success. I still don't know if it was real, or was it a dream? Well, here is a photo of me in my sparkle rocketship to prove I was there. There are tons of photos! Right now you can see them on Marisa Sparkles facebook page. I will put them up on mine too. The laser portraits are awesome! If you have a laser portrait, be sure to upload your pic to the largest collection of laser portraits on the internet at www.laserportraits.net. Finally some sparkly people on their website!

Check out the cholophorm tv documentation. Amazing! While I was still hung over, this 5 minute documentary piece was edited and up on the internet. Thanks so much guys! It looks great!

Friday you can dance the hits with DING DONG. The password to get in for free on Friday is, "ding my dong".

Saturday is the TRANNY OLYMPICS here in Ronson's. Come in drag to get in for free! Check out such sports as WET T-SHIRT CONTEST, or the 100 METER DASH.... IN HEELS!, there is a lip sync contest as well as an eating contest. Ever put lipstick on in the dark? well, its a sport at the tranny olympics! The best part???? We paid special attention to have a lot of STAG parties in the private boxes on this night. You can probably only imagine what happens when you cross a whole bunch of horny trannies with a whole bunch of drunk bachellors. DEBAUCHERY! ha ha. those boys are gonna wake up with a headache and lipstick in places that can cause their boxers to look like bozo's faces!

yours truly


JOIN THE SPARKLE ARMY!!! tonight from 23 Uhr, Earth time

Due to our amazing deko action and time we spent to prepare for this OUT OF THIS GLAXY PARTY, Ronson's will open at 11pm, 23 Uhr, Earth time. Wear sparkles and arrive before midnight to get in for free!

On Saturday its finally here! Our supersonic rocketship to Uranus! JOIN THE SPARKLE ARMY! 11.9.10 from 23.00 Uhr. What is going to happen? SPACE DISCO!! Here are the highpoints:

live: DEN HAAN (glasgow)
live: LENDLESS (berlin)

We have so many special suprises and activities planned for our space adventure! All our karaoke boxes will be transformed into space suprises! just some of the fun includes:
SUCK AND BLOW (ill leave the suspense open on this one!)
SPARKLE SPACE STATION in the smoking lounge

We encourage sparkle space slut outfits. There will be a prize of a 50euro bartab for the best costume! Remember, when it comes to sparkles MORE IS MORE! Don't worry, if you don't have anything sparkly, a brief visit to our SPARKLE SUPPLY STORE and you'll fit right in! That goes for anyone that is not feeling sparkly enough. Join us on your supersonic rocketship to Uranus!

before midnight:
in sparkle outfit FREE/6€ without

after midnight
in sparkles 6€/ 8€ without

Berliner clubnacht bändchen auch hier erhältlich:
12€ für 44 clubs
mit bändchen eintritt frei

mit passwort von
halbe preis vor mitternacht
geh auf diese demo! wichtig!

see you on Uranus on saturday!!!

euer Ronson

2NITE fagbar gayer than ever! live ANTONI MAAOVI, OBI BLANCHE

We are trying something new in the fagbar tonight. We will have 4 private boxes to rent by the hour (at half price) for all you kids that want cheap karaoke on Mondays, and we will also have 4 boxes in the back open for boxhopping. 4 boxes you ask yourself? how is Ronson going to pull that off with only 3 boxes in the back? Lets just say I'm a very resourceful person and with my EXCELLENT team at Ronson's anything is possible!

At midnight there is a live show from ANTONI MAAOVI. dj support after the show from OBI BLANCHE. Karaoke with Ronson from 22 till midnight in the main room. Special suprise in the smoking lounge after the show. A funfilled night of adventure you won't soon forget!


A**hole powder, naked people & liquid bruch

As always, a brief description of Saturday night in the Ronson's. Who put the A**hole powder in the beer from 22.30 till 12.30???? I don't like to write not nice things about Ronson's, but by the time 23 oclock rolled around last night, I was seriously thinking about turning on the work lights in the club, turning off the boxes and kicking everyone out to start with new guests. A real control alt delete situation on our hands. What was with those kids? I know they were just having fun, but to quote Silke, "Ronsons is a nightclub, not a football game" would have fit last night. I know they were just having fun, but they were doing a full West End Girls kicking in chairs and knocking down tables. We asked them to leave the dancefloor and come to the bar where we could keep an eye on them. Which they were kind enough to do... Then once at the bar this incessant loudness! We warned them again. I don't know who got tired of who first, us of them or them of us, but they left shortly thereafter and made room for some nice guests. thank god.

After that there was some seriously fun and determined karaoke singers. My favorites was the group in Elvis who came prepared for a real singing marathon. They brought a privacy curtain to hang on Elvis's window as they all came prepared with swimming clothes under their street clothes. They sang for at least 4 hours in their bathing suits, knowing the it can get really HOT in a box with so many performers all at once. It was fun to get a peek in the window and only see sweating singing FLESH! Thanks for making our night a lot better.

Today is Liquid Brunch, it is supposed to be with me, ronson, but so typical, i have given my shift to Bark! because I am just overworked the last weeks and i see no end in sight! Tomorrow we are trying a new concept with the FAGBAR. Still a live show with Antoni Maaovi at midnight, dj support from Obi Blanche. Sing from 22 till midnight with Ronson on the main stage, then be sure to discover our little new suprise for your pleasure in the smoking lounge.

The sparkle army is only 6 days away! sparkle space sluts unite!


LOVE DANCER'S UNION 2nite! t-7days till sparkle army!

Last night was Petra Flurr's Sabbat II party. It was a doozy... I always find it so fun how diverse our crowd could be. A whole group of noise-lovin',- goth-lookin', torn-black-lace-wearin' superfreaks shaking to the EXTREM NOISE that probably broke at least 2 of our new speakers. If that didn't maybe it was the glass of piss the last artist accidentally spilled on everything during his set. Party goers, beware! Ronson's will loose its reputation of "gepflegtes punkrock bar" if we are not careful! Soon we may just be a dirty crust bar. Everyone got dressed up though and looked GREAT! Thanks for the parade of pretty people at the Ronson's last night!

Tonight is LOVE DANCER'S UNION with Paulo Chinatown and friends. Here is how they best describe their night:  A dark and pulsating cosmic oddity, the dub versions of mystic journeys that navigates the dancer through a cyber futuristic jungle of hypnotic rhythms and sounds serves as a reminder of when the cosmic groove wallops along with a hypnotic and drugged-out splendour. Its spine-tingling stuff and the magic of the Love Dancers Union really shines. Basically, you will want to sniff poppers and stare at flashing lights for a bit after you’ve listened to it. Welcome to this Retro Futuro Cosmic Bash ! ! ! Its going to be an inspirational ride ! ! !

Does this sound like something for you? don't worry, the poppers are optional, and you have to bring your own. Wanna get in for free to the ITALO DISCO tonight? then say, "I am a space oddity" at the door for free entry for you and all your friends. As always this password does not apply to bachelor/ette parties or stag bashes. Password gilt nicht für jungesellen/in bzw polterabend gruppen!

7 days until THE SPARKLE ARMY arrives. Our most exciting party of the year, so get your sparkle space slut outfit ready!



SABBATH II - wave elektro punk fest. This is the unofficial afterparty for the DROP DEAD festival. I am sure it will be a real reunion of all the Berlin artists that were at the festival. Thats right, not only to do you get to see many live acts and dj's from the festival, you can also party with ACTUAL artists from the festival! from 10pm. 5 oi's.

Saturday is our monthly ITALO DISCO party featuring paulo chinatown and friends. Stay tuned for our ITALO DEVIANCE guest dj's in November! entrance - a measly 3 oi!s.

JOIN THE POP CHOIR, 2 for 1 and TRIKE a hit!

Whoever missed TRIKE's performance last night missed out! I bet these kids could come  up with a new fresh show every freakin week, but hey, we gotta give some other artists a chance too, right? be sure to check them out!
tonight the next session of the pop choir begins, at 19.30. No experience necessary, all levels welcome, no tryouts, reading or knowing anything about music is not important, only participation counts!
It is also 2 for 1 drinks from 19 till midnight. Order and pay for 1 drink, get the second one on the spot free of charge! Nicht horten, teilen! freude für die freunde!


We are pleased to announce that TRIKE will be playing live tonight at midnight in the fagbar. TRIKE is a band that has been impressing the SOCKS OFF ME since I found out about them 6 months ago. A duo that has committed themselves to music and art- even quit their day jobs for YOUR ENTERTAINMENT! They bring out a song and a video EVERY week! All of their cd's that they sell come with A HAND MADE PUPPET CASE! They sing, they play the guitar, they tap dance, and who knows what else they have up their sleeve. Check out their website www.trikeaband.com. You'd be lucky to be a fan of trike.

karaoke on stage with Ronson from 22 till midnight. ITALO SPACE DISCO dj set by EMIL DOESNT DRIVE all night long.

Tomorrow the pop choir begins again. www.lyndseycockwell.com. JOIN THE POP CHOIR!

LIQUID BRUNCH the true church of karaoke! DER KÄPT'N as guest!

TONIGHT.... liquid Brunch... the only TRUE church of karaoke! From 9pm tonight with your guest kj DER KÄPT'N. He brings his own repetoire with even more german songs! Free entry all night, sing live on stage, entrance from 21 years and up.

It was a relaxed weekend in Ronson's. Learned something new again though..... the 3 yogic "ohms" as a password to get in for free is a bad idea....... everyone in the line knows what the password is after the first person goes in! But after last weekends "bachelor/ette" free night, I suppose we all know that I am a bad business man. I mean, whats a karaokebar without bachelor/ettes on a weekend? COMPLETELY EMPTY! Welcome back bloody bachelor/ettes! Glad to see you out in droves again.

What was with those 2 french girls last night? I give them an a+ for staying power..... they arrived at 22.15 and were still drinking at 5.30 when I left.... BUT.... they had to be ON stage during every song, with a microphone in hand AT ALL TIMES. Did they not noticed that we were all taking turns to sing on stage? Did they not notice that I would introduce every singer? Then they would get all sour when I would turn their mics off so the REAL singer of the song could sing their song. I guess someone should introduce them to a box.... it would be their wet dream! every song yours, all mics all your own, only songs you pick! I bet they would even have more staying power in a box. Im tellin ya gentlemen, find some french girls at the bar, get 'em inna box, and have fun ALL NIGHT LONG!

stay tuned for tomorrow. Live at midnight TRIKE. karaoke with Ronson from 22 till midnight. DJ support from Emil Doesn't Drive.


we are FIT!, MARILYN mongol is kjane, EXPATRIARCH W/sparkles!

Above you see Marilyn. She is your KJane tonight! Karaoke on the main stage all night long from 10pm.

Did you ever wonder how the Ronson's staff stays so fit? Stays up all night long shakin' your cocktails? And smoking.... and drinking.... and we all look so damn good????? wanna know our secret???? its easy:
Singing regularly & Yoga! Thats right, the Ronson's team regularly does Yoga together to keep us fit. So you can get a feel for it, the PASSWORD FOR FREE ENTRY tonight (fr. 27.8) and tomorrow (sat. 28.8)is, "oooohhhhhmmmmmmm, oooooohhhhhhmmmmmmm, ooooooooohhhhhhhmmmmm.". Thats right, 3 looonnnngggg yogic "ohm's" to get in for free- not just short ohms but long resonating ones that put you in touch with the Earths Cosmic vibrations°!!!!! Password does not apply to bachelor/ette or stag parties. Passwort gilt nicht für jungesellen/in bzw polterabend gruppen.

JOIN THE SPARKLE ARMY! The Word of Glitter is getting out ladies and Gentlemen! Here is a piece of press from EXPATRIARCH with and exclusive interview with MARISA SPARKLES!!!!

NYC’s Marisa Sparkles bedazzles Berlin with Sparkle Army

yours truly


half-price boxes 2NITE! from 19 till 22.

I am reposting and reposting and reposting this online invitation for our JOIN THE SPARLKE ARMY party on the 11th of September at 11pm (earth time). Why? because it is our best and most famous party of the year! Come in sparkles before midnight for free entrance. 50 euro bartab for the best space sparkle slut outfit!

Today is wednesday, humpday, and all boxes are half price from 19 till 22. Stay tuned for my blog tomorrow, where there will be a password for free entry for you and all your friends for the BIG SINGING WEEKEND in Ronson's!


euer Ronson

BERLIN SLING live 2NITE! Bachellor/ette free...

This is is a picture of MARISA SPARKLES, just to keep in your heads that THE SPARKLE ARMY is coming. JOIN THE SPARKLE ARMY on 11.9.10 at 11pm. Free before midnight in sparkles. 50euro bartab for the best sparkle slut space suit!

FAGBAR! Tonight at midnight live BERLIN SLING. dj support RUMPELSTIL. karaoke with Ronson from 22 until midnight. Boxhopping all night long! 3euro flatrate singing. Party not for large groups. Its a singles party! You dont have to be a homosexual, but it helps!

Saturday was the Bachellor/ette free night. How was it? LOVELY! Thanks for all of your understanding that we needed a break during peak season. You are all welcome back next weekend!

Thursday is THE MONSTER SESSION! Jam session- bring an instrument, your voice counts!

euer Ronson

SAVE THE DATE & singing weekend

It's a singing weekend in Ronson's. Tonight we have THA FONZ for your singing pleasure. A host that will get you all dancing and singing with his insane dj abilities to top! Of course we welcome tourists in our club for an excellent singing experience, but you have to promise to drink here and puke somewhere else! so, for this reason, the password for free entry for you and all your friends is, "I promise to puke at my hostile". This password does not apply to bachellor/ette or stag parties.

Tomorrow, saturday, is a special day. Its Patrick & Silke's going away party. They have requested absolutely no bachellor/ettes, so we gonna do it! Password for free entry on Saturday is (gotta get this one right!!!) "I do regret I ever met that silly drunken bachelorrette! No stag parties tonight.

Demanda Moore can't make it on sunday, but CT will be your host for liquid brunch. Aufstehen frühschoppen, singen. Praise brunch.

euer Ronson


Vielleicht soll ich doch auf englisch UND deutsch schreiben wenn ich mein blog schreibe. "BACHELOR/ETTE FREE" abend heisst nicht dass es "for free" ist für Jungesellen/in parties, sondern das es ein jungesellen/in party ARM abend ist! Also bitte KEIN JUNGESELLEN/IN parties am Samstag, 21.8!!! WARUM???

weil Bachellor/ette (Deutsch:Jungesellen/in) saison extra lang ist dieses Jahr, haben wir eine pause für uns eingebaut, und zwar am samstag, 21.8. Nächstes Jahr wird noch länger, und vielleicht bauen sogar 2 pausen ein! Warum würden die Bachellor/ette saison länger jedes jahr? ich schätze, es wird so laufen bis 2013.... Da dieses jahr wollen alle am 10.10.10 heiraten. Nächstes jahr wirds 11.11.11, natürlich.

But, its not all fun and party. On saturday we say goodbye to our lovely SILKE and PATRICK. Yes, my two powerhouses are leaving the Ronson's forever! And yes, the Ronson's is hiring. Ronster's Momson will be guest kj from 22 till 1. The password for free entry on Saturday is, " I do regret I ever met that silly drunken Bachelorette" I hope you can all remember that!

das wars erstma.


Secretly, its my birthday. 2nite inna fagbar!

I thought I could get away with not telling anyone about my birthday this year, but I just can't keep a secret. Ill have a little drink in the FAGBAR tonight, but the real party will be happening on the 11th of September at the JOIN THE SPARKLE ARMY party.

The FAGBAR- not just for homosexuals, but it helps! Boxhopping all night long. Nothing more fun than singing and sweating with strangers in a box. Sing with me on stage from 10pm till midnight. LIVE SHOW AT MIDNIGHT  with JO MISTINGUETT from Brasil! After that we dance all night to Bartje (who is on the third leg of his TRIATHALON here in the Ronson's!). This party is not good for larger groups.

Hope to see you there!

euer Ronson

PRAISE BRUNCH! weekend update. Jô Mistinguett inna fagbar....

Sing all night tonight on our main stage at our hedonistic ritual every sunday. Free of charge. LIQUID BRUNCH...the real church of karaoke.  kj BARK! has promised a holy ceremony at midnight. Some of our favorite LIQUID BRUNCH sayings:
-I only eat at bars and parties.
-kids under 12 drink for free!
-I'm hungry. What are we drinking?
Its all in good fun kids... But it is still ENTRANCE FROM 21 YEARS AND UP!!!

Friday was fun with Marilyn's HIGH ON KARAOKE SHOW. Great mixture of funky bachelorettes and Hardcore crust punks to smoke all their cigarettes ;-). Saturday was Bachellor/ette overload. It can happen at peak bachelor/ette season.

Next Saturday we are proud to present the BACHELORETTE FREE SAMSTAG NACHT! Thats the good news. The bad news is that it is Patrick and Silke's going away jamboree. Patrick is leaving us for the southern hemisphere and well, I am sad to say, I think after 5 years of service, the bachellor/ettes drove Silke to stray :-(. Not sure if I can ever forgive you. We will all miss you both so much!

Its always a gamble at the FAGBAR. is it a treasure or is it trash? We actually have really good luck in this department. There are so many surprises at the fagbar. At midnight there is a show. This week we have a traveller from Brasil, Jô Mistinguett. On the decks will be Bartje (go Bartje, a triathalon!).

I'll be there from 22 till midnight singin witcha' as always :-).


supersticious? DEMANDA BACK! & minus 20 grad....

Did you ever have one of those days where absolutely nothing went right? That was my day yesterday. I won't go into detail, but I spent the whole day running and got nothing done. I could have stayed in bed and accomplished the same amount. Was it because It was Friday the 13th? I doubt it. One of the things I wanted to do was, as always, write on my blog and tell you what is going on at Ronson's on the weekend. You can already probably guess what happened :-/.

Better late than never. Yesterday was Marilyn Mongol's HIGH ON KARAOKE show. Funny mixed crowed of hardcore crust punks and bachelorettes. Nice music all night, real karaoke meltdown!

Tonight was supposed to be DEMANDA MOORE, the artist formerly known as SAMANTHA THA FOXXX as your kjane tonight, but Demanda is stuck in Sweden :-(. We will miss you and sing one for your Demanda! And now we are going to DEMANDA BACK!

I'll be doing the first part of the night with KJ BARK! and he will finish up the night. I am looking forward to singing some songs tonight to get some therapy from my ugly day yesterday. In fact, we will just make that the password for free entry for you and all your friends tonight. say, "I'M HERE FOR SOME THERAPY" and get in for free. This password does not apply to bachelor/ette parties or stag parties. Password gilt nicht für jungesellen/in parties oder polterabende.

We have a new schaps tiefkuhlfach. We now drink our schnaps at -20degrees Celsius.

bottoms up°!

euer Ronson

ONKEL BERNIvollderHIT! popchoir & mehr!

A very memorable night in the FAGBAR last night. If you missed Onkel Berni, be sure to check them out! You never know what you are going to get for a live show in Ronson's on a Monday.... I mean for 3 lousy euros, what do you expect? TRASH! expect trash! What is amazing though, you often get seriously talented musicians making nice music. That was the case last night. These kids were TIGHT! FUN party songs! I am going to invite them to our FETE DE LA MUSIQUE 2011. I hope they accept!

The door person on Mondays is afraid Mondays aren't gay enough if I book bands that aren't queer. Well, I laid those worry to rest when I told her about the GAYSEX I discovered last night :-). No, maybe its not all gay on mondays, maybe its not even half gay, but as long as people feel comfortable enough to do it where ever they want on a monday, its gay enough for me :-)!!!!!

Pop choir is gaining momentum, and has even been featured in the Newspaper! We still need more boys, so come on down! Every Tuesday from 19.30 to 21.00.

Stayed tuned for the weekend:
the artist formerly known as SAMANTHA THA FOXXX is now DEMANDA MOORE!
cum. sing. dance.

euer Ronson

ONKEL BERNI live inna fagbar um mitternacht.

Its Monday.... international karaoke night at all gaybars across the world.... and interational gay night in the karaoke bar in Berlin! You don't have to be homosexual or transgender to enjoy the FAGBAR, but it helps :-). We open at 20 Uhr. From 22 until showtime at midnight we sing karaoke in the main room to warm up the stage for ONKEL BERNI. Showtime midnight, after LAURA MARDONES dj set. She is our newfound jem! Its all you can sing flatrate singing in the boxes all night. Big groups are not good for Mondays, its a singles party! Come alone and leave with someone- or just take care of your business in a private box. Then you don't have to feed him/her breakfast!

About Onkel Berni - check out their myspace! They look like a trash band, but i think these kids are serious people!

Weekend update (last weekend, the big DISCO WEEKEND) was a huge success! Finally the Lover Dancer's Union people got some great guests coming and dancing. Barry Manila really went the extra mile on saturday too! stay tuned later in the week for the password for free entry all weekend.

Financial Crisis? no problem! Ronson's is getting cheaper! wodka & redbull used to be 7,50. Now we switched to ONE energy drink, and now it only costs 6 euros!

bis heute abend!
euer Ronson

dedicate your weekend to DISCO!

It's a disco weekend in the Ronson's! Friday PAULO CHINATOWN and friends feature the LOVER DANCER'S UNION.  your paradiso art clubbing night in berlin ! ! !with the Chinatown Sound System DJ Set "a drifting psychedelic experience thru the realms of cosmic music, love and catharsis". You can call it what you want... italo disco, space disco, nu disco, whatever it is, it makes your body rock! Starts at 10pm. Entry 3€, or free for all of your friends with password (read on!)

Saturday we welcome back BARRY MANILA for another night of disco, more focused on the classics, 100% vinyl! Listen to everything disco from 1972 to 2012 (thats right, there is even future disco!). Another disco lover to make your legs sore. The password for free entry for you and all your friends this weekend is, "I AM A DISKO DUCK".

Arschloch karte....

Its not very often I complain about guests, but today is the day. Last night was 2 for 1 drinks. Lotsa cocktails being made, we had a full house after the pop choir. I saw Alice and Daniel shaking their asses off to make you all cocktails... at deep discounted prices! And what did they have to show for it? 7 euros tip to share at the end of the night!

I just have one thing to say. SHARE THE WEALTH you fools! If you are getting 2 FOR 1 drinks, shaken, stirred, up, or on the rocks, made by a professional, LEAVE A FREAKING TIP! Despite what your travel tourist book may tell you, TIPPING IS CUSTOMARY in the town! I suggest 10 percent, but anything is appreciated.

Thats it. I hope I have better news for you tomorrow.

2NITE Angel Eyedealism- Ronsons bald ohne Liquid brunch?

Tonight inna fagbar um mitternacht: ANGEL EYEDEALISM. dj support: YAM spinning space disco and tekkkknööö! Warm up the stage beforehand with Ronson from 22 on with your karaoke performance. Boxhopping all you can sing flatrate singing all night. If it is anything like last week, there will be a mountain of attractive single homosexual boys and gurlz! It difficult to get to bed early when you have guests like that! I'm a lucky guy.

Liquid Brunch yesterday was a blast. It is always very intimate on Sundays at the Ronson's, and our guest KJane from Switzerland kept us Rockn and Rolln! If you do the math, you can see that our weekly LIQUID BRUNCH party every sunday is just not a money maker. I can't stop it though! Can any of you imagine the Ronson's without liquid brunch, THE TRUE CHURCH OF KARAOKE???? Sing. Drink. Praise Liquid Brunch. My favorite sayings from yesterday: From Dirk about my mom, "GUTE MUTTER!". From Rebi about Fafa's (guest kjane) KJ personality after me saying she may be too nice for a KJ, "FAFA CAN ALSO BE UNNICE". Now if that isn't about the best complimet a kj can receive! Favorite song from last night NELLY THE ELEPHANT sung by Ronster's Momson.

Fafa as guest KJ tonight in the Ronson's! Milkshake report.

Hey karaoke lovers! We have a special guest from Switzerland today as guest kj for liquid brunch. I have seen her work on the www.DIESELKARAOKE.ch bus in different places, but it will be her first time in the Ronson's as KJane. Let me tell you- she is not only totally sweet, she is very concerned that YOU get to sing and HAVE FUN! sooo.....loslasssen & lossingen! Free entrance, as always, on sundays. I'll also be popping by for a song or two.

Milkshake. Whatta nice crowd! The only bad thing about this party is that it only happens 3 or 4 times a year. And that we ran out of fog liquid halfway through the night. Oh yeah, and a speaker busted, probably from being too loud. BUT, it was still all worth it! These ladies know how to party! Looking at the lost and found after a Milkshake party is pure proof. I actually discovered a bicycle in front of the Ronsons when i was leaving. It was barely locked up, so I scooted it inside where it would be safe from theives. If this is your bike, come pick it up anytime from 7pm!

Shake that milk milkshakers!

It's that time again! Talented dj's, beautiful people, LASERLITE SHOW and.... SCHNAPS BEI -20 GRAD! I traded my big freezer at home for a darling little cube that fits behind the bar at Ronson's- it will now serve to cool our schnaps down to -20 to go down your gullet the old fashioned way- SMOOTH AND TASTY!

The MILKSHAKE party is tonight at the Ronson's. These ladies do a great job a booking dj's- there is always a surprise to your ears on the dancefloor ALL NIGHT LONG. The crowd is always a PARADE OF PRETTY PEOPLE! The party is for girls, ladeez, women, womyn, trans, and fans thereof. As for me, Ill be doing my favorite job-collecting the empty glasses and bottles wearing my headlight! Hooray, all night on my feet. Who needs a gym when you got a job like mine? Well, its actually a good thing we have yoga in the Ronson's- every bartender I know has back problems. An ounce of prevention!

2NITE-monster session & a wild one in Ronson's!

Tonight is our monthly jam session in cooperation with NOISY ROOMS. Bring an instrument, bring your voice, bring whatever can make some noise! from 21 on. Entrance is cheap, beer specials at the jam session all night.

The weekend is a dancing weekend in the Ronson's. Friday we welcome back our dear regular from Leipzig JANE THE BRAIN who brings a whole shitload of vinyl just for your enjoyment! Password for free entry for you and all your friends on friday night is: "legs in pain with jane the brain!"

Saturday is the MILKSHAKE party for Women, Womyn, Trans, Ladies, Queers & friends. Check out the Caledar for the line up, its garanteed to be great! No password for cheaper entry on this night.

An update from the last couple of days: Last saturday with THA FONZ was karaoke meltdown in the main room for hours. I haven't seen such a nice group of people for a while! Everyone was holding hands and singing, and that after the scottish swinging junk on friday!

Monday with CINDY WONDERFUL was soooo cute! What an attractive crowd. I was beat and should have gone home much earlier, but it was just so difficult to leave all those friendly singing people behind me. I hope to have cindy back really soon!

Swingin Scottish Junk on a Pole in Ronson's.

Okay, I swear i will get an iphone and start taking pictures of this stuff. Group of Scottish guys, in their kilts at the Ronson's last night, having the time of their lives. Singing. Drinking. Dancing-on the pole. Funny thing is, when they did all those acrobatic tricks on the pole, they were "free-balling" it if you know what I mean. Funny how all the sudden the seats on the sofa under the go-go pole pedistal were all of the sudden such hot commodities. Priceless was the face on the bachelorette who got her first real look at Scottish junk I think.

Come sing with Tha Fonz tonight. There will be lotsa famous people in the Ronson's tonight, like RONSTER'S MOMSON who will be taking a drink with REBI and the gang before going of to a night of dancing at the BERGHAIN with Shambuh! Thats right, mammas goin' to the Haini. Can you believe it? Attached is a pic of mom. If you see her, say hello!

The password for free entry to tonight is, "I gotta Ladle". Sing the entire first and second stanza, get a free shot. Password does not apply to stag/bachelorette parties. Passwort nicht gultig für jungesellen/in gruppen bzw polterabende.


Big Singing Weekend in Ronsons.

Here is a photo from the PUNK PICNIC at the KREUZDORF BAUWAGONPLATZ from a couple of weeks ago.

The klima works again, right in time for the crappy weather! It's an all singing weekend in Ronson's. Karaoke on stage Friday, Saturday and Sunday. On Friday your host is kj BARK! He usually brings some of his vinyl with him for some complete karaoke meltdowns. He is our newest addition to our kj team, so come break him in! On Saturday we get the latin flavuh from Tha Fonz. On Sunday praise to Liquid Brunch with our guest kj DER KÄPT'N. He's got lotsa german songs and brings his own repertoire. As always for all you blog readers, here is the password for free entry for you and your friends all weekend: "I gotta ladle". This password does not apply to bachelor/ette or stag parties. Passwort gilt nicht für jungesellen/in gruppen.

klimatest #3....

Okay, we have been having very bad luck with our air conditioning. It functions all week long, then when the weekend rolls around, it breaks! It has done this 2 weeks in a row. This week the repairman was there, for 2 whole days. Lets hope it worked this time. Password for free entry tonight and tomorrow is, "I'm here to fix the a/c". Password not valid for bachelorette or stag parties.

I'll be at the door from 23 on, come by and have a drink with me.


MONSTERSESSION - 24. Juni 2010 by monstersession

Oh, its already a little late, but there were new recordings of the Monster Session. Try to be more up to date in future MONSTERSESSION - 24. Juni 2010 by monstersession

Just another day of A/C!

We've got a total of 36 hours straight of our functioning air conditioning..... and the pop choir enjoyed it. So did the 2 for 1 drinkers! good job. Thanks for reading. Tonight all the boxes are half price from 7pm till 10pm. Come to the 20 degree Ronson's.

It is bachelorette season in Ronson's. We desperately need some non-bachelorettes here on the weekend, as you all know, "die mischung machts". Don't let the bachelorettes scare you away! You can do anything you want to them in the Ronson's. They love abuse! They call it Polter abend! Recently I was able to write "LECK MICH" in permanent marker on the back of one of their neck's. I actually think she was so inebriated that I was actually writing on her t-shirt. I bet she got a surprise reprimanding from her future husband when they woke up. Nothing like celebrating your stag night in Ronson's.

Pray to the god of karaoke that our klimaanlage makes it through the weekend.


It's back! KLIMA & POP CHOIR

Too late for the weekend, but just in time for 2 for 1 drinxxx tonight. The A/C works again! At least it did when I left the club an hour ago.... but as you already probably all noticed, that doesn't mean much when we talk about our a/c in the Ronson's. 20 degrees celsius. nice n cool.

The next session of POP CHOIR begins today at 19.30. Anyone can join! No experience necessary, no talent necessary! just a good time.

Punk Picnic in Kreuzdorf was a blast. Boy have times changed! I think the first time we did karaoke there was 9 years ago. We had about 200 guests. I wish I could find the pictures to show you. It poured rain, but nobody cared, we drank and sang and danced in the mud. This year it was more family than ever. Thank god for the brassy kids though for keeping the show going! We also had Detlev, the "sinatra of mauerpark" as a guest. Even Ronson's mom kept belting out the tunes.

Dickey Doo was a guest dj for the first time last night. Wasn't very full, but I heard the people who were there were dancing the tiles off the floor! We are having him back on 20.9. Looking forward!

Ever heard of Murphy's Law? It is happening to me (and in turn YOU) right now. All week long we had the air conditioning on in Ronson's. I will quote some of the things in our internal bar book-
"dead dead night. es ist ist so kalt hier, man bekommt unterleibgeschichte"
"Soooo much better with a/c! I feel like I am at K-Mart in Amerikkka!"
Well, at exactly 7pm on Friday, it stopped blowing cold air, and now we have normal air blowing on us. What is going on? Do they forget about me on the weekends in that big wierd office builing? Did it just break again? Would make sense with our Murphy's Law-the Hausmeister is on vacation for the next 3 weeks!!!!

Anyhow, so I am so embarassed. Weekend number two that I promised you cold hair, but i was full of hot air.

Memorize this short poem I wrote for the Bauwagonplatz tomorrow at 16H.
Mariannenplatz 1

I got a Ladle
You need a ladle
sieve is silver
strainers metal

Graters' yellow
pans a pot
mortar pestol
crock pots hot

The password for free entry into the 32 degree Ronsons is:
"Mir ist kalt"*

*password gilt nicht für jungesellen/in angelegenheiten

I just spoke with the Hausmeisters vertretung. Am Montag sind wir wirklich kuhl. KLIMAALNLAGEERSATZTEILE kommen für fagbar. So hot. So cool.

Euer Ronson
P.s. another thing in the book, Joey Hansom lost his sparkly tobacco "purse". If you find it, please return it.

Klima geht wieder!!! Hoorah! 19.3 grad im ronsons gerade.

19.3 Grad! Okay, so we got air conditioning last week. It worked for exactly 1 day. Boy, this planned obsolescence is getting a bit out of control! Well, luckily, it was still under garantee.... so we are back! The coolest thing was this laserlite tool we used to measure the temperature. It was like a ray gun and whatever you aimed it at, the temperature was displayed on a tiny screen. We measured everything in the bar.... the drinks, the ventilation ducts, my forehead, etc.

Tonight is the FAGBAR and boxhopping. There are no shows at midnight during all of july for summer break, but in August we begin again with Angel Eyedealism. Be sure to check her out on myspace, she is a real talent!

Schattig bei 22 grad...

Okay, the last blog was a gross exageration with our new air conditioning in Ronson's. Yes, we do have air conditioning, but no, it is not 18 degrees in the Ronson's. It is however much cooler (not only in temperature but in image) than any other bar you can sit and watch fussball in. It is also cooler than any open air or beach bar you go to... and RONSON'S IS STILL A FUSSBALL FREE ZONE!

At Ronson's you have the possibility to trade your "Deutschland fahne gegen alkohol fahne". Are all your friends also lost in the opiate of the masses called WM? At Ronson's you can find new, fussball-free friends! Would you also like to help make the whole city a fussball freie zone? You can help! AND you will be rewarded with 1 free hour in a box. Check out my youtube video "fussball freie zone" for details.

Tonight in the Ronson's is our monthly ITALO DISCO PARTY called LOVER'S DANCER'S UNION featuring PAULO CHINATOWN. Didn't get enough dancing in on Friday? Come back on Saturday for DING DONG - spinning your favorite pop and classic hits. Disco! Here is the password for free entry for you and all your friends all weekend (password does NOT apply to bachellor/ette groups! nochma auf Deutsch... PASSWORT GILT NICHT FÜR JUNGESELLEN/IN gruppen!). the password is "ich bin 18 grad" or "I am 18 degrees".


Ronson's bei 18 grad? JA!

It's true! Thanks to our EXCELLENT Hausmeister! Peter (big thanks to you in case you read this), our Hausmeister, has hooked us up! That is correct, we are hooked up to the big air conditioner that cools the entire Warschauerstr. 34-38. No, that doesn't mean that there is cool air blowing in on you in your box, but it does mean that Ronson's will be cooler than any other place (especially those places showing fussball!).

I remember when I first opened the Ronson's back in 2004, we didn't even have ventilation. People would go sing in a box and the windows would immediatly become steamy and sweaty. People would still spend hours in them though. Though the "hot" boxes were great for drink sales! We did get ventilation in the boxes shortly after. You new kids don't know how good you have it!

It is a dancing weekend in the Ronson's. Friday we have PAULO CHINATOWN and his LOVER'S DANCER'S UNION full of disco and italo music. On Saturday we have the return of DING DONG to quench your thirst for POP AND THE CLASSICS. It's 3 euros to get in, however with this password you and your friends can come in FOR FREE! The password is, "ich bin 18 grad" or "I am 18 degrees".

As a reminder, my FUSSBALL OFFER FOR FREE KARAOKE still stands. Just go to you tube and find my video be searching "fussball freie zone." A lot of people have been helping me in my quest to make Berlin fussball frei! thank you!

And, another reminder, all boxes are half preis during all WM games! Don't give in to the opiate for the masses! Ignore soccer and come to your local 18 degree karaoke bar!

Ronson's-sometimes we open late, but we NEVER close early!

off my feet.... STILL FUSSBALL FREI! wir geben nicht ein!

It's been a while since I wrote about the happenings in Ronson's Karaokeworld. Sorry about that kids, I've been feeling a bit under the weather..... so under the weather in fact that I have unfortunatly had to cancel my Karaoke night at the SCHWUZ on WEDNESDAY.  BUT... no worries, THE SHOW MUST GO ON! our good friend and associate DIESELKARAOKE will be taking over for me. I hope to be back on my feet again real soon, and promise to write more!

The Ronson's is still a FUSSBALL FREIE ZONE. We will not be showing any sort of soccer games on any days. Don't ask me to get started about everything I HATE ABOUT WM 2010 or FIFA in general.... just be glad I offer this special asylum for you during these difficult times. ALL KARAOKE BOXES ARE HALF PRICE during all WM Soccer games. Collect 3 yellow stripes from flags and get a free hour in a box! We have already received many! thank you for participating! For contest/angebot details, see our FACEBOOK or YOUTUBE instructions. 

FETE DE LA MUSIK was a great night. Everytime I see COPY & PASTE I am a bigger fan. They want to be the Swiss selection for EUROVISION 2011, and are promised an equal chance if you go to facebook and become their fan. I think at this point they only need 9,652 more fans! I love Fete de la Music in Ronson's, it is such a family tradition. There is a lot of preparation and time spent given to make sure all the artists (who perform for FREE) are taken special care of. Our lunch/dinner buffet is always to die for! Thanks as always to HELENE HURT and JAIN THE BRAIN!

this week in ronsons:
first and foremost:

Mo: Mary & the Baby Cheese at midnight. secret robot lover dj set
Dien. 21.30 POP CHOIR presentation. Come see what the pop choir has been preparing for the last 5 weeks!
Mitt. half price boxes till 22
Sat. DING DONG gives you an overload of POP AND CLASSICS!
Sun. sing live on stage mit MARILYN MONGOL

Thanks for reading this far and caring! Just for that, the password for free entry for you and all your friends is, "ICH TAUSCHE MEIN DEUTSCHLAND FAHNE GEGEN EIN ALKOHOL FAHNE", and that is really what needs to happen!

Ronson's, das FUßBALL FREIE ZONE!


Ronson's is suffering from Soccer Fever. Are there also people out there who do not have World Cup fever? Are there people out there that also find Soccer completely uninteresting? Also during the World Cup? If you feel the same, then you are at the right place in the Ronson's! During every World Cup game, we will offer SINGING FOR HALF PRICE! All boxes half price. Actually, I wish the whole city was a football free zone! You can help! Bring 3 yellow stripes cut out from Germany flags and receive 1 hour for free in a karaoke box (a 12 euro savings!). Be sure to check out my instructional video on youtube.

Ronson's leidet schwer unter fussball fieber. Gibt es auch menschen, die kein WM fieber haben? Menschen, die wie ich Fussball total uninteressant finden, auch während die WM? Dann seid ihr bei mir richtig! Ab sofort bieten wir während jeder WM spiel KABINEN ZUR HALBEN PREIS an. Am liebsten hätte ich gern die ganze Stadt Fussball frei. Sie können auch mitwirken! Bringen Sie 3 gelbe streifen von ein Deutschland Flagge ausgeschnitten, bekommen Sie 1 stunde umsonst in ein kabine! (ein 12 euro ersparniss!).


Tomorrow we will begin pre-selling tickets for TRASH HUMPERS, the new film from HARMONY KORINE. It will be shown on 17.6 and 18.6. He is well known for writing the screenplay KIDS and for his films JULIEN DONKEY-BOY and GUMMO. This is the first time this movie will be show in Germany, and for whatever strange reasons, will not be in any theaters in Germany, so it's a MONSTER RONSON exclusive! Tickets are 10 euros, we will start promply at 9pm. The price includes the afterparty with (on 17.6) STEFAN DREHER (from the band BLUE IN THE FACE) and (18.6) DOLBY ANOL. See it now, or wait to see it on video, if it even comes out on video in Europe!

This weekend is a big singing weekend in Ronson's. On Friday it is karaoke with MARILYN MONGOL and on Saturday MONSTER RONSON will be your kj. All weekend we have ROCKBAND II in the smoking lounge. Imagine the year is 2010 and you step onto the Star Trek holodeck and say you wanna be a rockstar. At this point in time, this is the game you would get! Nothing closer to that rockstar feeling than playing rockband.

By the way, I saw a guy walking down the street with a t-shirt that said, "karaoke war gestern". Does that mean he had a great time in the karaoke bar last night and now has a headache? Or does it mean he thinks karaoke is over? Well, here is the good news.... karaoke is not a fashion, it is here to stay! Just think about it.... karaoke was invented in (opinions differ on the exact year) 1982 and since then it has only grown in popularity. Everyone who tries it gets addicted. So, the password for free entry on friday and saturday is, "1982 forever!" This password is does not apply to bachellor or bachelorettes!!!!! also, nochmal auf deutsch, passwort nicht gultig für junggesellen/in parties!!!! Volle preis für euch. Wir wissen wer du bist :-).